Beautiful Plants .... FAST!

How We Got Started

From a horticultural background of study and later working & teaching in the industry coupled with a love of growing moisture loving Iris we began to sell excess plants locally and online.  Nine years on, with a lot more Irises and our registered brand name The Manic Botanic® we are taking the next step with our online store.

To sum us up simply; we grow and sell the plants that we would like to buy!

Prepared & packaged to ensure that they look good enough to send as a gift with plants arriving in tip top condition.

Check out our collection of Siberian Iris bred by Dr. Tomas Tamberg, they are just stunning and completely hardy.

Included are 'The Manic Botanic Marginal Mix of 8 Different Pond Plants' our best selling mix on both Amazon & eBay, very competitively priced, alongside our other well known plant mixes.

We remain absolutely committed to growing and selling quality plants that are attractively priced and delivered to our customers  FAST!

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