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  • Iris missouriensis- Rocky Mountain Iris - 10 Seeds

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    Iris missouriensis - Rocky Mountain Iris

    Ten (10) fresh autumn 2019 collected seeds packed into glassine envelopes.  Lovely species Iris first collected in 1806 along the banks of the Missouri River. Grows naturally at high elevations and alpine meadows hence its other common names Missouri Flag and Western Blue Flag. Hardy to UK climate reaches a height of 30-60cm with flower colours ranging from pale to deep blue with distinct veining.    Iris seeds require a period of cold (stratification) to break the natural seed dormancy and begin the germination process. This can be easily achieved by sowing seed from late summer to early winter and leaving in a cold frame or cold greenhouse to overwinter and germinate naturally in spring as temperatures rise.  Alternatively the seeds can be stratified in the salad drawer of fridge for 6-8 weeks prior to sowing. Detailed instructions for both techniques are included. We prefer to autumn sow and leave the seeds to it!