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  • Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii - 30 Seeds

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    Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii

    Thirty fresh autumn 2019 collected seeds packed into glassine envelopes. Parent plants can be seen in the images flowering in our Messingham Iris garden.  We find Iris p. bastardii to be smaller and slower growing than the common Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus). Test sowings from these parent plants have produced creamy off white to pale lemon flowered off spring.  Iris seeds need a period of cold (stratification) to break the natural seed dormancy and begin the germination process. This can be easily achieved by sowing seed from late summer to early winter and leaving in a cold frame or cold greenhouse to overwinter and germinate naturally in spring as temperatures rise.  Alternatively the seeds can be stratified in the salad drawer of fridge for 6-8 weeks prior to sowing. Detailed instructions for both techniques are included. We prefer to autumn sow and leave the seeds to it!