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  • Silene noctiflora - Night Flowering Catchfly SEEDS - Fragrant native wild Flower

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    Silene noctiflora - Night Flowering SEEDS X 200 (approx)

    Hardy Annual or Biennial

    Silene noctiflora or the night flowering catchfly, a totally fascinating and now quite rare native wild flower.

    The flowers open after dark and are release a strong heady fragrance to attract  moths which are its natural pollinators.

    What is perhaps even more interesting is the sticky hairs which cover the entire plant and catch tiny insects like gnats and aphids providing a food source for beneficial insects such as ladybirds and so protecting itself from sap sucking insects like aphids.

    A ‘must grow’ for the wildlife garden if only to help keep this lovely plant from disappearing altogether.

    The growth habit is annual or biennial, if it doesn’t flower in year 1 it will in year 2 and will hopefully self-seed for future generations.

    We recommend spring or autumn sowing.

    Sowing guide included.