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  • Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mix - Red & Yellow Flowering Seeds Bee Friendly Annuals

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    Hot Summer Red & Yellow Cornfield Flower Seed Mix

    Hardy Annuals -  Native Wildflowers

    Support your local Bees! - Create a stunning Red & Yellow hot hot hot colour themed border of native wildflowers to your garden

    100% Wild flower Seed Mix from the following native annual wildflowers

     25% Corn Poppy  Papaver rhoeas–  75% Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum segtum – (approx %)

    For a spectacular display of flowers in late spring we recommend direct sowing onto bare soil where they are to flower from August to September.

    For a later summer display sow the seeds between March and May direct onto bare soil.

    Each pack contains approx. 2 grams of seed which is sufficient for 1 square metre of fabulous native hardy annual wildflowers that will happily self seed if required.